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This is Where the
Self-Care Journey Begins…


This is Where the Self-Care Journey Begins…

What is a Self-Care Studio?

I know the big question…What is a Self-Care Studio? Sounds kind of gimmicky. And why should it have a blog?! Great questions. 

A studio is traditionally some place where you learn an art. There is truly an art to taking care of you, to self-care. It’s not easy and we all need practice. Including me…this is as much a reminder and example for me as for you.

Have you ever noticed we all have the same answers when someone asks us how we’re doing or what we’re doing to take care of ourselves? We know what we should say – I’m fine, I’m eating healthy, I’m trying to sleep more, I’m getting more exercise and drinking more water. But are we really doing those things? And if we are, are they actually making us feel better? 

Doctors don’t get sick, right?

I’ll be honest…even as a physician, I answered those questions to satisfy other people. For almost twenty years I pushed and pushed to be the best student, medical resident and employee I could be. But working long hours and putting myself on the back burner made me sick. 

I lost my happiness and my health along the way.  Instead of being the creative bubbly one, I was the grumpy, overweight cynic with irritable bowel syndrome, back pain and foggy brain who would rather hide in a quiet corner than be involved with my family or friends. Lovely, right? That’s not health. 

My hope is that through my personal experience and my medical training, I can offer some practical, real suggestions to help you on your journey to health. The foundation of our personal health really is all about self-care…taking care of ourselves so we can manage all the things life throws at us. And I absolutely believe it starts when we quit getting angry at our bodies and frustrated at our willpower. We need to offer ourselves some grace, some kindness, some acceptance for the life we have lived thus far and the amazing journey that is yet to come. 

It’s OK to take care of you. 

Let’s start with this one idea. Just one. Easy, right? Here it is… I give you permission to take care of you. That’s it. Take it as a Doctor talking or a Friend talking or some Stranger on the interwebs typing away. Doesn’t matter because this really is all about what is in your head and spirit. We’re planting a seed. 

Am I saying that you must do it? Nope. That’s completely up to you. Am I saying that I know exactly what you need to do to miraculously feel like you did twenty years ago? Nope. Do I have all of the answers? Really Big Nope. You determine your “self-care practice” based on your personal health goals. It will be as unique as you. And it will change over time. But I can give you resources to help make the journey a little easier.

That’s what this blog is all about. Being real and empowering each other to improve our own health. You are not alone.  Welcome to the journey!

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