Client – Greenville, SC

I have been a patient of Dr Melissa Overman since June, 2019. 

I was referred to her by my GP for a chronic pain and insomnia condition.

This was my 1st time seeing an osteopathic physician.

It was easy to reach her, and I was able to get an appt in a timely manner.

Dr Overman is an excellent and empathetic listener.

She is also very kind, professional, nonjudgemental, and good at presenting a path forward that makes sense.  She is very good at explaining things, and takes the time to do so.

She is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the biochemical pathways of the body, and uses epigenetics as a way to determine root causes for different health issues.

I knew my illness had a genetic component, and I very much support a “root cause” approach to treating my symptoms.

Through the use of supplements we were able to reduce the fatigue that is common with my chronic illness in about 2 weeks.  Upon my request we are also working towards tapering 1 of my prescription medications by using epigenetics to look for root causes of symptoms and using supplements to very slowly decrease my body’s need for the affects received from the prescription med.

She is excellent at communicating plans with your primary physician.  She will also share with you whatever she communicates to your GP.

Dr Overman is very open to communication via email between appointments, which is kind of her since I live a distance from her office.

I have seen a holistic MD in the past, and Dr Overman’s charges are much, much more reasonable in comparison especially since we often correspond via email between appointments.

I would highly recommend Dr Melissa Overman to any of my friends or family.