Let's Outsmart Stress to make this holiday season less crazy!

It starts in October and just builds until the December holidays - stress.

What tools do you have to make your holiday season calmer, happier and more like what you remember?

Need more Tools This Year? Join us at Outsmart Stress

A three-week LIVE workshop series led by Dr. Melissa Overman where you can choose the one class which serves your biggest need or attend all three and build your personal stress-busting toolbox!  Each 90-minute session includes a bit of doctor-science, a whole lot of practice, and plenty of time to ask your biggest questions about stress and your health.

UPDATE!  The LIVE workshop series is closed...but that's not the only way to Outsmart Stress this holiday season!  An on-demand video version of the entire series will soon be available.  Interested?  Click the button below to join the waitlist.

The Outsmart Stress Workshops


Move Your Mind: Alternatives to Meditation
  • Meditation is a great way to bring down stress, but it's not for everyone or every situation.  
  • You'll learn and practice additional ways to find the peace of meditation in almost any situation!


Plants to the Rescue: Adaptogens and Nervines
  • Many plants are trusted and used in Ayurveda, TCM and even conventional medicine to help calm the stress response.
  • You'll learn about the plants and how to use them.  Different varieties and formulations will be available for a sip or taste.


Team Captain for Calm: The Vagus Nerve
  • Your body has tools for any and every situation you may face - even the holidays!  The Vagus nerve is the Team Captain for calming down.
  • You'll learn how Vagus does her job and practice several techniques to wake her up and put her to work.

Dr. Melissa Overman

Known as Dr. Melissa to her patients, she is a huge advocate for self-care - your own practice for improving and optimizing your health on your terms.  After over 20 years in medicine and her own experience with burnout - and more than a few miserable holiday seasons - she has a passion for outsmarting stress!

Grace Integrative Medicine Founder

Outside the box thinking...

[Dr. Melissa]...does the research and thinks outside the box to get the best results for her patients. She’s wonderful and I highly recommend collaborating with her for better health!

Cristen - Anderson

She'll do the research for you...

Very grateful for her kind nature, gracious listening skill, willingness to research, & detailed approach to assisting in finding root cause(s) for my issues.

Daphne - Easley

Excited for what was possible...

It felt like sitting down to chat with a kind soul who wanted your best. I felt heard and also excited for what was possible.

Alyssa - Easley

Frequently asked questions

When are the sessions?  How long are they?

Session One is on October 8th.  Session Two on the 15th.  Session Three on the 22nd. Every session will be held at Integrative Yoga Therapy in Easley and they start at 10:30am.  All sessions are scheduled for 90-minutes.

Are there restrictions to who should try what?

Great question!  You're right - not every tool is for every body.  Dr. Melissa will include the risks, benefits and recommendations for each and every tool.  But then it's up to you to listen to your body and make your own decisions...or to talk with your healthcare provider.

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