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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an appointment like? What should I expect?

New patient appointments are approximately 90 minutes long and return patient appointments are approximately 60 minutes long.  It will be a very relaxed version of your typical doctor visit - Dr. Overman will review your completed New Patient Questionnaire,  listen to your story and work with you to develop your plan to health based on your personal priorities and health goals.   There is rarely a reason to disrobe during visits to Grace, even for osteopathic manipulation.

What should I bring to an appointment?

For new patients, please bring your completed New Patient Questionnaire and other clinic paperwork (all of which is emailed to you when you make your appointment) and copies of all labs or imaging studies completed by other providers within the previous 12 months.  Bring all medications and supplements to every visit.   

Returning patients should bring any labs or imaging results that are new since the last visit.   Again, bring all medications and supplements to every visit.  

And if you have done genetic testing through 23andMe or, you already have information about your genetic SNPs, like MTHFR or COMT, so let Dr. Overman know about this resource.  

Which insurance do you accept?

We accept no insurances.  Dr. Overman is not credentialed with any insurance company, including Medicare.  Dr. Overman made this decision so she can provide the best possible care for you, based on your personal health goals and resources, instead of being limited by insurance companies.  Even if she were in contract with insurance companies, most of them would not pay her for her services.  

For any labs or imaging studies Dr. Overman orders, she will work with you and the lab to get as much covered by insurance, including Medicare, as possible.  

How much does it cost to see Dr. Overman? What forms of payment do you accept?

New patient appointments are $180.  

Returning patient appointments are $160.  

Full payment is expected at the time of the appointment.

All credit cards, checks and cash are accepted at Grace Integrative Medicine.  

Will Dr. Overman be my family doctor and see me for any and all illnesses?

Dr. Overman is not a primary care physician or a pediatrician and will not see patients for general complaints, acute illnesses and injuries or well-visits.  If you desire, she will communicate with your family doctor so your entire healthcare team is aware of your plan for health.  

Will Dr. Overman write me prescriptions for my regular medications?

Dr. Overman will only write prescriptions for medications when they are part of your plan for health agreed upon by you and she at your appointments.  She does not write prescriptions for medicines originally prescribed by another doctor.  She does not write any prescriptions for narcotic pain medications.  

What is Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine is true preventive medicine.  It focuses on the physician-patient relationship and looks to both conventional medicine and treatments that have historically been viewed as alternative or complementary, like massage therapy, yoga, Ayurveda, homeopathy, and acupuncture.  While the integrative medicine physician may not be the expert and provider for all of these treatments, they do understand when these kinds of treatments may be more effective for the patient.  The Upstate is very fortunate to have a network of these providers to which Dr. Overman can refer you with confidence.

What is Self-Care? What is a Self-Care Studio?

The basis of self-care is the understanding that we each have the need to regularly stop for a moment and take care of ourselves, mind, body and spirit. Many of us know all the right things to say when someone asks how we take care of ourselves, but we rarely act on that knowledge. Life is too crazy, the kids are too busy, there is simply too much to be done or we are too tired for us to justify taking thirty minutes - or even ten minutes - to take care of "me". Self-care becomes an art to be learned and practiced - it is unique to each of us and our unique situation. Self-care may change from day to day, season to season. At Grace Integrative Medicine, our goal is provide you with the knowledge and skills to seek out or create your own daily self-care practices.  We are all learning.

What are examples of Self-Care?

If you spend much time chatting with Dr. Overman, she will frequently end up talking about knitting - or her dogs.  Both are part of her self-care practice and great stress relievers.  Self-care looks different for everyone.  It could be learning how to cook, starting a yoga practice, taking a walk every day, singing in a choir, setting boundaries in a relationship or finding a way to nurture your creativity - like knitting or woodworking.  It is all about taking care of you so you can stay healthy as you deal with what life throws at you.  This life is not easy!  What does your self-care practice look like?

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Now Accepting New Patients

Grace Integrative Medicine is co-located with  Integrative Yoga Therapy studio in Easley, SC.  Parking is behind the building.  We look forward to seeing you soon! 

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