Your health - without the rules.

No judgement.  No shame.  No failures.

Just an equal partnership with a provider who will listen to your story, believe you when you say something isn't right, and help you find a solution that works for you.

Grace is health on your terms

Holistic Health

Mind - body - spirit

In case you haven't heard, seems a healthy gut is the foundation of health!  But rediscovering that healthy gut - or any other aspect of health - requires looking at the whole person.  We'll talk about every aspect of life!  

Functional Testing - Labs

from hormones to genetics

You will have access to a wide variety of tests, including saliva, urine and stool testing.  Dr. Melissa also uses genetic testing in her practice to help identify potential health susceptibilities unique to you.

Body Work - OMT

structure and function

 Using techniques practiced by osteopathic physicians for almost 150 years, Dr. Melissa uses osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT) to remove physical barriers to the body’s natural function, supporting a natural return to health.  

Recover from Chronic Stress

Safe and sound protocol

How many times have you had a provider tell you to reduce the stress in your life?  Depending on your life story, that may not be as straightforward as it sounds.  Dr. Melissa is certified in the Safe and Sound Protocol which uses specially filtered music to gently activate your Vagus nerve and re-tune your autonomic nervous system, allowing you to feel more safe, calm and resilient.  Find out more in this 4-minute video.

Dr. Overman is an excellent and empathetic listener....  She is extraordinarily knowledgeable about the biochemical pathways of the body, and uses epigenetics as a way to determine root causes for different health issues.

I would highly recommend Dr. Melissa Overman to any of my friends or family.

Client - Greenville, SC

She takes the time to listen, is supportive & truly wants to help. If you hate modern assembly line “health care” you will love Dr. Melissa.

Client - Easley, SC

Dr. Melissa is a wonderful and caring doctor!! She spends quality one on one time with me to discuss my health and wellness goals. She provides solutions based on my specific needs to help me achieve my goals. Dr. Melissa keeps in touch periodically to check on my progress making any necessary adjustments if needed.

Client - Piedmont, SC 

About me, Dr. Melissa

Melissa Overman

An osteopathic physician (DO) board-certified in Preventive Medicine and fellowship-trained in Integrative Medicine, I love partnering with individuals who want more for their health...even if they're not sure how to get there.  Together, we find the best pathway for you to achieve your health goals.

A woman with imperfect health (and a standard poodle), always looking for ways to improve my own health - not attain it.  Health is a never-ending journey with a goal of preventing as much illness and disease as possible.  Just know you aren't alone on this journey!  I'll walk it with you and show you some of the danger spots and shortcuts.  (Because I've experienced them myself!)

Be forewarned, I'll be the first to tell you I don't know everything.  That's why I am always asking questions, consulting with trusted colleagues and doing just a little more reading.  Integrative medicine seeks out the best answer for the unique person sitting across the table.  Maybe it's a prescription.  Maybe it's meditation or prayer. Maybe it's a treatment I can't do, like acupuncture.  Don't worry, we'll find what works for you and find a trustworthy provider.  

Ready to start?

Whether you'd like a call-back so you can ask some questions or simply want your first appointment, use the form below to send a message straight to Dr. Melissa.  (Really - she's the only one who sees them!)

Still have questions?

Can Dr. Melissa help me with my health concerns or wellness goals?

Dr. Melissa spends a lot of time asking questions and listening to your unique story...because that is where the answers can be found to most health concerns.  She brings a wide variety of tools to the visit - preventive medicine, integrative medicine, genomics and epigenetics, Ayurveda, osteopathic manipulation.  And while she will not promise to make everything better, she will work as hard as you do to help you achieve your ultimate health and wellness goals.  

Symptoms she frequently manages include anxiety, depression, thyroid imbalance, reproductive hormone imbalance, adrenal fatigue and stress effects, gut health, and food allergies and sensitivities.  She is extremely knowledgeable, personally and professionally, about MTHFR and other genetic SNPs that cause these same and other symptoms.  

If you've been told that you're on your own, it's all in your head or that your symptoms are typical for women or for your age, Dr. Melissa can help you find the cause and tools to help you feel more like you.

What should I expect at an appointment?

Expect a very professional yet casual experience. The environment is calm, warm and unlike any other doctor’s office. And that’s the goal – no one wants the stress and anxiety that seems so automatic when going to a doctor’s office. (And any added stress or anxiety totally goes against what Dr. Melissa is trying to accomplish at Grace!) 

Your actual visit will be a relaxed and conversational version of your typical doctor visit – Dr. Melissa will listen to your story, ask lots of questions and work with you to develop a treatment plan based on your personal priorities and health goals. You will be asked to help make decisions and to approve the recommended treatment plan. We acknowledge that you are the one who has to do the work once your appointment is done; you should have confidence in the plan before you walk out the door. We want your success!  

There is rarely a reason to disrobe during visits to Grace, even for osteopathic manipulation.

What is included in my consultation with Dr. Melissa?

It is important to understand that this is not simply a one-time meeting with a physician. At Grace, we want to see you succeed with your health goals and that takes time and commitment…and more than one visit.

Your first visit is scheduled for 120 minutes (2 hours) to spend reviewing your completed intake form, listening to your story and developing the first stage of your treatment plan. 

If any standard labs are ordered during your initial consultation, interpretation of those are included in the initial consultation fee. Interpretation of specialty tests like the DUTCH test, GIMap, Organic Acids Test or MycoTox require an additional visit to review and develop a plan due to the complexity of the test reports.  

Communication is a critical component of your treatment plan. Rarely do any of us thrive when completely on our own! You will have email access to Dr. Melissa for basic questions and support. If you have a question or concern bigger than what is appropriate for an email exchange, you will be asked to schedule an appointment, either in-person or virtual, to discuss.

You will also be registered in Dr. Melissa's Fullscript program, an online store where she can send you specific supplement recommendations and you can order medical-grade supplements to your home.  Every Grace patient receives an additional 15% off all supplements on Fullscript or in the studio (with minimal exceptions).

Expect to schedule a follow-up consultation for approximately 3 – 8 weeks later, depending upon your specific situation, goals and treatment plan. 

Do I need to bring anything special to my appointment?

Curiosity!  Health can be really hard and curiosity increases success in making decisions which will serve you the best.  Remember, Dr. Melissa is your guide for the journey...but you are the one who has to do the work.

Otherwise, please bring copies of all labs or imaging studies completed by other providers within the previous 12 months or since your last visit with Dr. Melissa.  Bring all medications and supplements to every visit.   

 And if you have done genetic testing through 23andMe or Ancestry.com, you already have information about your genetic SNPs, like MTHFR or COMT, so let Dr. Melissa know about this resource. 

How does pricing work?

Many functional and integrative practices use packages or memberships.  Dr. Melissa is different in this respect - she charges each visit separately and uses an hourly rate which she prorates by the quarter hour, based on how much time you actually spend with her.  You literally pay for the services you use!

Do you take insurance?

Full payment is expected at the time of the appointment and can be made using credit card, check, cash and/or HSA or FSA accounts.

We accept no insurances.  Dr. Melissa is not credentialed with any insurance company, including Medicare.  She made this decision to provide the best possible care for you, based on your personal health goals and resources, instead of being limited by insurance companies.  Even if she were in contract with insurance companies, most of them would not pay her for her services.  She will, upon request, provide a superbill for you to submit to insurance for reimbursement.  

For any labs or imaging studies ordered by Dr. Melissa, she will work with you and the lab to get get maximum coverage by insurance, including Medicare.  

What if I'm not in the Easley, SC area? Are there options?

You have the option of being seen in-person at the Easley studio or, if you prefer, a telehealth/virtual visit can be scheduled for those living in South Carolina.  

Dr. Melissa is currently seeking licensure in North Carolina and will be able to offer the same option to North Carolina residents soon.  

Another option is to have Dr. Melissa as your personal Wellness and Health Coach.  Doesn't matter where you live!  The relationship will be a little different...but the results can still be AMAZING!  Questions?  Send Dr. Melissa a message or check out her coaching site.

Or check out the NEW five-week online program, Food Sensitivity Code.  It will put you back in control of how you feel, what you eat and how you communicate with your healthcare provider!  

Will Dr. Melissa be my family doctor? What about prescriptions?

Dr. Melissa is not a primary care physician or a pediatrician.  She is a consultant physician specializing in preventive and integrative medicine.  She makes an excellent addition to your current healthcare team and will happily communicate with your family doctor, with your permission, so your entire healthcare team is aware of your plan for health.  

Dr. Melissa is a licensed physician and can write prescriptions for medications as part of your treatment plan.  She does not write any prescriptions for narcotic pain medications.  

What's the fax number? Or the mailing address?

Yup, we still use fax!  The fax number is 864-474-4005.

Need to send something by snail mail?  Please do not send to the studio's physical address.  Instead, send to: Grace Integrative Medicine, 1027 Pendleton St, Suite B322, Easley SC 29642.

A NEW five-week program to put you back in control of how you feel, what you eat and how you communicate with your healthcare provider.  

Stop by for a visit...

Grace Integrative Medicine has moved!  Still in Easley - located in the Innovation 20/20 office building at 1664 E. Main Street.

Dr. Melissa has Open Office hours upon request during the week.  Need some supplements or prefer a quick meet-and-greet, just call or message (above or on Facebook) and request a time to stop by!  No charge!

Appointments are scheduled Monday through Thursday, 10am to 4pm.

1664 E. Main Street, Suite 204, Easley SC 29640

For appointments: 864 546 5505  

Many of us are in search of health.

When it is hard to find, we blame ourselves.

We all need a little Grace.